Ruth Briggs King


I’m so glad to work on your behalf to improve our community! I consider it an honor as well as duty to diligently champion our needs and seek improvements for your quality of life. It is a pleasure to represent you and to work with you to provide service, solutions, and leadership for the people of the 37th District.

Since my first election in 2009, I have kept my promise to work for you and the district through constituent service and addressing major economic issues that challenged jobs and the quality of life for residents.

The voters have re-elected and supported me because they see and understand that I consistently work hard on their behalf, more importantly, that my commitment and my compassion for them is unwavering. I keep close to the residents in the District by frequent and regular meetings at various locations and various times within the 37th District. Additionally, I am a familiar face and presence at by attending and participating in many functions that support the hard work and volunteer efforts of many organizations.

I understand our district is not a “one size fits all” district. The citizens are diverse and unique in many ways and that is what makes me a unique a good fit to represent you and the 37th District. Like the citizens in the 37th, my diverse background, education, and interest increases my knowledge and provide me with unique experience to be the best Representative for the District.

I travel the District on a regular and frequent basis. I continually monitor road conditions, safety issues, as well as drainage on our roads and neighborhoods. I remain close and accessible. Basically, I know who I am, where I come from, and where I go home to everyday!

Ruth asks questions and listens to the concerns and needs of the Constituents. She is the advocate and the voice for the 37th District.

Supports small business so business owners can grow their business and create jobs (prevailing wage bills, workers compensation task force).

Supports taxpayers by saying no to unnecessary tax increases like the gas tax, a water “fee” and corporate taxes. (Votes no to budgets and

Supports fairness in education by supporting elected school boards in all school districts and justice for parents and students in education.

Supports good governance to allow citizens convenient and easy access to FIOA, disclosures, easy and accessible voting records.

Supports and defends the second amendment to ensure gun rights for citizens.

Supports public safety and promotes health and wellness for Delaware (drug laws, Paramedic law, DUI and dangerous dog legislation).

Upcoming Events

Ruth, supporters, volunteers, friends, and family are knocking on doors and speaking to voters. If you want to join, click "Support Ruth" for more details!

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Wed, October 29, 2014 at 9:30am
Meet and Greet for Ruth Briggs King at Pots Nets Lakeside Community Center

June 4, 2014
Ruth Briggs King files for re-election

June 14, 2014
9:00am - ANNOUNCEMENT: Campaign kick-off at the Mervel Museum in Georgetown.

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